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Monarch Telecom Marketing is an all-inclusive PR and Marketing agency for telecom, data center and mission critical companies.

We have been helping numerous clients, from Fortune 100 companies to growth startup companies with aggressive timelines, climb to the top of organic search engine results, but it continues beyond there. We work to ensure increased exposure, which means improved traffic, conversions and brand awareness. 

From search engine-friendly website designs that convert browsers to buyers to ongoing online marketing, our focus is getting you found and growing your business.

Our team is trained in advanced marketing skills that take years, or even a decade, to master. We are different from other telecom marketing agencies with self-taught or cross-trained employees scrambling to learn marketing platforms and strategies outside their wheelhouse. How can you tell the difference? Easily…the process and results! 

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Public Relations

Digital PR


Website Design

Content Marketing

Lead Generation 

Event Marketing

Marketing Automation

Fractional CMO Consulting

What Clients Say

Laura is not only an amazing fractional CMO, but a wonderful person. Incredibly responsive and caring in all that she does. We highly recommend Monarch Telecom Marketing!  Laura’s team guides us in our marketing initiatives and develops excellent strategies to increase our return on investment. 

Matt Coffel, President, Mission Critical Facilities International and Mission Critical Group

What Clients Say

Laura and her team were a pleasure to work with.  Laura is an expert in the IT marketing field.  I have had issues in the past with marketing since our company is in such a unique niche that most people do not know much about let alone know how to market it.  Laura and her team understood exactly what I was looking for and went above and beyond to make sure our company message was perfect!  I highly recommend any company in the IT/Data center/Telecom field to fully trust Laura with their marketing and branding.  We will be working with Laura again in the future.  

Bethany Careri, Critical Site Construction 

What Clients Say

I have been working with Laura for almost ten years globally. As busy as your job gets in this ever-changing data center business, it is always reassuring that somebody has your back. A true part of the team.

James Patrick, Global Director of Data Centers/Mission Critical

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